Loom Knitting

April – May 2019 Project: Character Hats for kids

I have been working hard the past few months in preparation for our upcoming project. In January, I reached out to one of our local children’s hospitals about donating hats for the kids. They requested that the hats be character hats only, no plain ones. Whew! That was a tall order since we have just started the group and most have just started to loom knit. While there are tons of patterns for crochet character hats, there are almost none for loom knitting. My mission was clear.

I set out to design and make as many hats as I could. Now I have many designed and many already made, but plenty more in the works. Like the other projects we have worked on, I am making YouTube video tutorials for my group to follow. I have several already loaded but plenty more coming. It takes more time than you think to make, edit and upload the videos. I really have enjoyed making these designs. I have so many ideas filling the pages of my design notebook. I will continue design and make character hats since there are other causes/ places we will donate to in the future.

After I started designing these hats, I decided to also donate hats to local children with hair loss from Alopecia. I have a friend who’s 5 year old has complete hair loss from Alopecia. I thought of her and reached out to my friend. She is helping me coordinate the donations. Because we are custom making those hats for each kid, we are going to make the character hats over a two month period.

Several of the ones already loaded to YouTube.

For our side project, we are also loom knitting scrubbies to donate to the Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes. These can be used for body/ face scrubbies, which will be perfect for the kids.

Here is a the video tutorial of how to make the loom knit scrubbies.

I encourage you to reach out to your local children’s hospital and see what their requirements are for donations. Please consider using my tutorials to make hats to donate. If you hospital does not take donations, then reach out to your local women’s shelter, church, foster care, homeless shelter, etc.

Blessings to all, Bridget

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