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65 hats donated to kids at women’s shelter

This month has been a whirlwind! Just a few short weeks ago I had a dream to started a group of like minded people to help craft blessings for others. Many have not only stepped up to the plate, but have knocked it out of the park. While researching ways we can help in our local community, I reached out to our local women’s shelter. SaveHaven has been on my radar for the past several years. Every Christmas my playdate group adopts a family at the shelter. We fulfill the family’s Christmas wish list including basic need items and toys as well. SaveHaven in Tarrant County (Texas) provides services at no cost to domestic violence victims, including a crisis hotline, counseling, two emergency shelters in Arlington and Fort Worth, and many other services.

When I inquired about the kids currently in the shelter, the Community Coordinator gave me a list of all the kids by sex and age. There were 54 kids at the time with ages ranging from newborn to 17 years old. It was the week before Christmas, I had just started loom knitting and I had no clue how long 54 hats would take me to knit. I started them anyway. At the time, I hadn’t even told anyone about the group I was about to start. I trusted that God would show me the way, so I keep on knitting. At our first meeting, I showed some of the ladies one new stitch to add to the baby hat ewrap stitch they had just learned and how to read my very roughly written patterns. Ladies gladly stepped up and took on the task of helping loom knit 54 hats ASAP. Thanks to $60 in donations I had received that week, I was able to give yarn to ladies in our group.

The next week I emailed SaveHaven to make sure the count was still the same. The lady responded that a “few” more had come to the shelter. A “few” more ended up being 11 more kids. I reached out to the group and without question, ladies took on the task of knitting even more hats. We quickly finished up all 65 hats and brought them to SaveHaven this week. Though we were not able to knit hats for adults at the shelter, we will do something special for them in the future. We ask that you join us in saying a special prayer for the moms and kids currently at the shelter.

65 hats packaged up and ready to be delivered.

If you would like to help out in your community, consider reaching out to your closest women’s shelter or homeless shelter. If you would like to donate to our group to help purchase supplies, that would appreciated as well.

If you would like to know more about SaveHaven or feel compelled to donate, here is there website:

Blessings to all, Bridget
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Loom knitted baby hats

Crafting Blessings first meeting was a success! 15 eager crafters joined together to learn how to loom knit baby hats. Our January 2019 project, the first ever for Crafting Blessings, is loom knitting baby hats to be donated to Children’s Health in Dallas, TX. Most were nervous about learning a new skill and skeptical about their ability to learn and complete our first project. As the teacher, I felt like I was the leader of the Skeptics Anonymous group from the Ebates commercial. But an hour or so later, our new loomers were looming away! Among the 15 crafters, we had 5 tween/teen youngsters. It absolutely melts my heart to see young ladies (or gentlemen) with hearts for service AND learning new skills. We have another meeting later in the month, where more crafters will be learning how to loom knit. We also have crafters that can’t make it to the meetings but are learning from my videos, located in the tutorials tab. I can’t wait to see the finished blessings at the end of the month.

Want to help out your local children’s hospital? First, give them a call and see what items they accept since each hospital has different requirements. Then start with this super simple video tutorial and start loom knitting away!

Here is the tutorial for making your own baby hats.
Baby hats for the local hospital
Blessings to all, Bridget

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! I’m so excited to be starting this journey of crafting blessings for others. I want to share my love of crafting through handmade blessings for others, but also recruit others to help me. I can’t wait to see what this journey brings.

A group of crafters and wannabe crafters with a heart for service. CRAFTING BLESSINGS group is a place to learn a new skill or develop existing skills to craft blessings for others. All ages and skill levels are welcome.

Proverbs 11:25 – “Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.”
I have been crafting for almost 4 decades and would love to share my skills and in turn bless others with our collective blessings that we craft.

Crafting of course! We will come together at meetings to learn new crafting skills. We will work on crafts at meetings and throughout the month on your own time. Those crafts will be donated as blessings to others. Crafting can come in all forms including (but not limited to) crocheting, knitting (with needles or looms), sewing (& no sew fabric projects), weaving, cookie/cake baking and decorating, card making, beading, etc. There are many ways that crafting can be used to bless others.